Once in a while, there’s a scene on your social media feed that’ll reel you in. In the vast expanse of the ocean blue, there’s someone exploring depths you have only seen through the screen. And with a closer look, you notice the lack of gear. It looks dangerous and freeing, all at once; a feat of sheer superhuman strength. 

For the uninitiated, freediving heavily relies on the prowess of the human body. At its core, it is diving while holding your breath until resurfacing. In contrast to snorkeling, there’s no breathing apparatus, such as scuba gear, to depend on. 

Another big difference for freedivers is the enlightenment that comes with the unimaginable depths when your body is in sync with the underwater world. There’s this calm that you can not feel anywhere else.

This otherworldly peace is what keeps reeling back Jackie Wu. The 27 year-old balances her corporate job with her passion for the deep blue. Sharing the breathless beauty of the ocean, she posts some of her dives on her social media. From Palawan to Dumaguete, Jackie has explored the depths alongside the marvels of the deep blue.

We talked to Jackie about her love for action sports and her mission to conserve the wonders of the underwater world, and this is what she had to say:

GRIND:  What’s the most epic thing about being a woman in action sports?

JACKIE: The most epic thing about being a woman in action sports is that it helps increase my self-confidence. As you build your strength and skills through physical activity, this can also lead to improved self-image in all areas of your life. Freediving makes me feel free, relaxed, peaceful and at once with the world around me. 

GRIND: Do you have any advocacy or passion projects?

JACKIE:  As a freediver, you can use your experiences to help conserve and advocate for our oceans to other young men and women out there. Teaching and sharing my knowledge to other people how to freedive for them to see the beauty of the underwater world and the ocean.

GRIND: What advice would you give to a young girl who is just starting off in action sports?

JACKIE: You are the most valuable investment you will ever make. Experience and enjoy things while you can, while your body can. Make it happen, now.

GRIND: Where do you see women in action sports 10 years from now?

JACKIE: 10 years from now, I see women in action sports still growing and actively participating. There are still a lot of young women, not just women but also men in our generation, who embody the willingness to try different sports. 

Just like Jackie’s plucky spirit, Grind champions the women who challenge the status quo of action sports. We invite more women to brave the depths of the action with us. 

Watch out for more stories of women in action sports to inspire you even further.

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