Elaine Abonal-Bayer is much like the ocean herself: warm and beautifully welcoming yet with a feistiness underneath.


Together with her husband, Oli, daughter, Tala, and dog, Günter, they have made Siargao their home. And amongst the famed waves of the island, she has thrived and made a name within the surfing community.


She is many things to many people— yet deep inside is an effervescent soul living her life to the fullest. 


She is a surfer. 


Photo from Oli Bayer


Much like many, Elaine is a soul who found her calling amidst the waves. Inspired by her experiences abroad, she brought her fervent passion back to the shores of the Philippines.   


She is a teacher. 


Photo from Surfista Siargao (Instagram)


For over a decade, she has been welcoming everyone into the fold. Through her surfing school, Surfista Travels Philippines, she and her team of local instructors have helped countless rookies train up to become kickass surfers. 


She is a mother. 


Overcoming the usual notions of island life can be boring for children growing up, Elaine and Tala continue to show how Siargao can be a fulfilling home. With their adventure-filled days, their family is an inspiration to many.  


She is a child of the sea. 


Photo from Oli Bayer

Forever will Elaine find comfort in the waves. Teaching her humility and the importance of respect, she does her best to encourage others to care for Mother Nature each and every day. 


She is an inspiration. 



With her infectious energy and zest for life, Elaine is a total badass. The GRIND community looks up to her and other women who continue to defy the norms and instead take on an action-packed life with so much smiles and finesse. 


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