Step 1:

First step in doing awesome wheelies is wearing proper gears for your safety, Helmet is a must.



Step 2:

Second step is setting your seat up. If your seat is low you’ll be having a hard time finding your balancing the bike when the front wheel is up.



Step 3:

The Third step is setting your gears in a comfortable range for you to pedal easier and to lift the front wheel off the ground.



Step 4:

The fourth step is popping a wheelie. To pop a Wheelie you need to lift your front wheel at the same time as pedaling to get the front wheel off the ground.



Step 5:

The fifth step is a little bit tricky. You need to use your hips in order to balance the bike on one wheel.



Step 6:

Step six is all about maintaining your wheelie, in order to do so when the front wheel is falling, maintain your pedaling and when you feel like falling on your back modulate your rear brake, not to hard just slightly feather them.



Step 7:

Final step is adding all of the steps and having a good time on your back wheel.

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