A diver and an explorer, Cha Ocampo proves there’s depth to her. She’s not only creating content for her followers, she’s also using her platform to advocate for the ocean. 

Scrolling through her Instagram account, you’ll see the envy-worthy locations, the occasional fitspo, and the informative posts and calls to help the environment. With her every dive, the sense of belongingness to this pale blue dot becomes more evident. Her adventures in Batangas, Panglao, and many others highlight our need to recognize and act on our responsibility to help conserve the bounty of Mother Nature. 

We talked with Cha Ocampo about the incredible power of women in action sports and her lifelong cause for the environment.  

GRIND:  What’s the most epic thing about being a woman in action sports?

CHA: Being a woman in action sports embodies courage, power & strength, whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur, as simple as taking the initiative to train consistently & push yourself harder to become stronger despite all the criticism of society is what empowers women. I believe that women are already powerful as they are, we naturally bear pain as we go through the struggles of our hormones, pregnancy, etc., so seeing women who are into action sports is just something else!

GRIND: Do you have any advocacy or passion projects?

CHA: My biggest advocacy is ocean conservation. As a freediver, I am a big ocean person & being exposed to marine life makes me want to protect it even more as much as I can. 

I currently have a project with my best friend, we built a brand called Le Milieu which literally means the environment, the atmosphere or habitat in Latin. We'll be selling merchandise dedicated to our planet. A percentage of our sales will be donated to our chosen environmental organization.

GRIND: What advice would you give to a young girl who is just starting off in action sports?

CHA: One simple advice that might sound cliché is — consistency is key. When you’re consistent even when it’s hard, you’re slowly building a habit that you will take with you as you grow & this will not only help you physically but mentally.

GRIND: Where do you see women in action sports 10 years from now?

CHA: Today, the number of women who are into  sports is steadily increasing which means that in a few years from now we’ll be bridging the gap.

More than the rush, there’s a responsibility. For GRIND, we are all citizens of the Earth and we each bear the duty to help conserve it, not only for the present but also for future generations. They too have the right to dive into the beautiful depths of the ocean. The future, afterall, is rightfully theirs. 

Stories like that of Cha Ocampo strike hope for here is a young woman sharing her passions and advocacy to the world.

For more stories about women achieving the epic, follow GRIND on Facebook and Instagram. From racing goddesses to surfing and diving queens, read their amazing stories only at GRIND; your epic action sports shop. 

Posted on 03/25/2022 1754

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